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Explore the works Voce Velata studies and performs.

Work Gallery

Performances, recordings and projects of Voce Velata Ensemble and collaborators:


STRUM: Jessie Montgomery (June 2022)

Three Chorales: Kebra-Seyoun Charles (June 2022)


June 9th: Live-streamed debut concert. 

June 17th: First session of the New Narrative Work-study group for music educators.

UNABRIDGED: A Composer Story Project

Young musicians collaborated in three distinct virtual workshops to produce a visual retelling of the story of Teresa Carreño, complete with an original soundtrack featuring her String Serenade.  They creatively selected and created images that captured the essence and impact of her life as a composer, world-renowned performer, virtuoso pianist and loving mother.    

In the same workshops, another group of young musicians collaborated to produce a visual retelling of the life of Joseph Bologne, Chevalier De Saint-Georges.  They chose several mediums, including collage, drawing and poetry to delightfully convey his extraordinary life as a composer, champion fencer, virtuoso violinist, renowned conductor and colonel within the French army.  

Interactive Composer Timelines Created By Voce Members: